Service Agreement

Clients -

1. If you choose to hire a web professional on your own Super Brain Web Services is not responsible for any action resulting in poor services rendered or no services rendered. You hire at your own risk.

2. If you choose to use our services to manage your project for you we will either use a freelancer or firm of our choice or handle the project in house. You have much more security when using our services, becuase you know you will get the job done, within budget and within the timeframe.

3. Super Brain Web Services is not responsible for any services or products that are not to your satisfaction through our Preferred Partner Network.

3. If the client chooses to deal with the developer directly, Super Brain Web Services is not responsible for damages inflicted by the client in any way. Your on your own just as you would be if you had obtained the client on your own.

4. The tools and resources on this website are for you to use in order to educate yourself in order to have a smoother project transaction. It is not intended to be a guarantee or for you to protected in any way from wrongful doings by outside parties.

5. You may not re-distribute the materials or resources given here, such as articles, tips, and FAQs without wrttien consent from Super Brain Web Services, Inc.

Web Professionals

1. Your contact information may not be displayed unless you are a premium member, and you may not contact a client directly if you are not a premium member. You may however still give quotes on projects.

2. Super Brain Web Services is not responsible for damages incurred by a client if there is no contract between the professional and Super Brain Web Services. If you are contacted by a client or you contact a client deirctly Super Brain Web Services is not liable for either party.

3. You may not re-distribute the materials on this website for your own benefit without written consent from Super Brain Web Services, such as articles, tips, or FAQs.

4. If you are awarded a project directly through Super Brain Web Services there will be specific contractual agreements made between you and Super Brain Web Services. You must abide those contractual terms and conditions. Most of the time the terms are negotiable.

5. You may cancel a paid membership at any time, but you will not get a refund for the remaining month's balance. Once you pay for a month it is not refundable. If you cancel you will drop back to a basic member.

6. Our main focus is to allow you to grow as a professional and let us help you with ongoing tasks of managing clients and projects. We make every effort to make sure you stay around for the long term. If at anytime you have a question we are usually around to answer.



Featured Pro

Eric Kuwada

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Name: Eric Kuwada
Company: Kuwada Web Designs
Phone: 408.846.7070
Location: Gilroy, CA, USA
  • XHTML 10/5 Web Developer.
  • CSS 10/5 Web Developer.
  • Javascript 7/5 Web Developer.
  • AJAX 7/5 Web Developer.
  • Flash 9/5 Web Developer.
  • Actionscript 6/5 Web Developer.
  • PHP 8/5 Web Developer.
  • ASP 2/5 Web Developer.
  • JSP 2/5 Web Developer.
  • MySQL 5/5 Web Developer.
  • XML 4/5 Web Developer.
  • CMS 7/5 Web Developer.
  • Logos 10/5 Web Developer.
  • SEO 8/5 Web Developer.

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