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Will SEO help Save Advertising Publishing

Posted By SearchReady SEO On Sep 22, 2009 - 12:09:31 AM
Will SEO help Save Advertising/Publishing ?
At the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, SearchReady attended the session on how SEO can help save the publishing industry, a quite interesting topic, considering the controversy the industry has been experiencing of late. Do you think SEO can help publishers save their businesses? Share your thoughts here.

The session looked at challenges, tactics, and opportunities unique to online publishers. It covered solutions for technical obstacles, duplicate content and CMS issues, writing keyword rich headlines, training the editorial staff and updating the publishing culture from print to online. Essentially, the session was designed to educate participants on how to save jobs by leveraging SEO, driving traffic, and putting ad dollars back in publishers’ pockets, as described by SES.

Few Tips that can help busiess drive traffic to their websites

Spread the SEO Excitement in Editorial
Find SEO champions in the editorial team
Make Editorial Part of the Success
Create SEO friendly article headlines.
Show the value of SEO
Set goals and show how you will beat them.
Showing Data is the key to your success (Graphs, Web Trends/Analytics, Success Stories and such)
Conduct Regular Training (Engage external SEO editorial consultant)

We are not sure if SEO can help save Advertising or not however it can definitely help. Online media marketing is the way that standard advertising and marketing techniques seem to be evolving, and SEO is so closely linked to this that it must be able to benefit publishers.

I believe to a certain extent, My Question is stated incorrectly. The problem is not whether or not SEO can help the publishing industry, but if the publishing industry wants to be helped by SEO.

There is a fundamental problem with the publishing industry. They do not get exited by numbers alone. But SEO and SEM in general, is a numbers game.

A marketing director needs visuals to show of to his or her directors. A sheet full of numbers without any hot good looking visual material just doesn’t get you many points.

Even though they are in the end judged by the end result in numbers, a complicated presentation about numbers doesn’t do it in many companies.

Besides that, SEM is always a combination of the very technical and marketing, and unfortunately, those 2 worlds hardly ever fit in one brain. So you have 2 completely different worlds trying to reach the same goal with totally different methods.

In rare cases there are people that understand a bit of both worlds and in even rarer cases they are in the right position in a company to make the 2 worlds work together.

When you do have the lucky situation of these 2 worlds working together, the end results are amazing.
Website owners are starting realize the value of promoting sites and making page interactive. Smart SEO promote websites in a right way. Ethical SEO do not misguide visitor.

We can not say that SEO can save publishing industry instead it is more better that it can help publishing industry. however when it has been done in the right way.

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