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SEO Tips and Techniques The SPIDER visits

Posted By SearchReady SEO On Sep 22, 2009 - 12:09:06 AM
I’m always interested in what people think more frequent spider visits actually do to help you.

The spider visits, sucks up some bandwidth, finds all the pages the same as they were the last time she visited, and goes on to the next site. How do you think this affects your website?

The problem, as I see it, is that people read info from other sites and then get it mixed up in their heads.

They hear that the spiders will visit more popular sites, more often, and think that somehow the spidering MAKES their site more popular.

If you are constantly changing your pages to add fresh content, the spiders will naturally visit more often because they don’t want outdated pages in their index. This happens as well if you are constantly tweaking keyword density or changing the page structure or other things that people think they can do to affect their rankings. But all that “tweaking” can lead to incorrect cause-and-effect conclusions.

In the meantime, who’s monitoring the sales? Who is tweaking the copy to sell more if all you are ever doing is worrying about rankings? Does anyone know what happens when a searcher actually reaches their site?

I suspect most people don’t know why they want spiders visiting more often; they just think it’s a good sign. Or possibly they think the spiders give them a rankings boost every time they visit… I don’t know. Why else are people so concerned about spider visits?

Idea is to have fresh content on your page to encourage spider visits and if your page is in the index already and you haven’t changed it, it shouldn’t matter when next spider visit is.

It’s not about tricking the engines into thinking your content is fresh. If you really want the spiders to visit often, for whatever reason, then you actually need REAL fresh content.

I think the only sensible reason to hope for frequent spidering of a site that isn’t updated often is the desire for the spiders to catch new content as soon as possible after it’s created.

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