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SEO Dos and Donts

Posted By SearchReady SEO On Sep 22, 2009 - 12:09:07 AM

1) Use your target keywords in your Title or the page

2) Use unique keywords in each page, No need to load up each page with 50 same keywords. It’s rather more useful using 4-5 keywords per page and increase keyword density in the content.

3) Always try to link exchange with website that has relative content. Relative is the key here.

4) If you believe your content is not being picked up by web crawlers then check for this weekly on sites like www.websitegrader.com. Keep in mind that Internet has nearly 3 million + search engines and 500k directories. Sometimes they are working so hard, that they simply might just miss your site.

5) Write Original Quality relative content, articles and post/link them to different sites.

6) Spent 20 minutes every day improving your website instead of checking your rankings. Your rankings will not change whether you look or not every day. Time is better spent on improving your website instead of watching it flutter up and down the SERPs.

7) Try to manage entire site content from your homepage. (Give links and Categories from homepage and such)
Change your links like Title. For Example (www.xyz.com/page_4.html -> www.xyz.com/search-engine-optimization.html) Meaningful page titles.

9) Daily follow your target keyword. Understand why your competitor is having success at particular keyword and how their site is designed.

SEO Don’ts

1) Don’t take back links from sites which has not relative content with yours. Search Engines can quickly detect fake link exchanges.
2) Don’t use spam words in your content in white text on page. These are Black Hat SEO techniques which will get you banned. To Read more about Black Hat SEO Techniques, click here,
3) Don’t believe anyone who says Top 10 Rank at Google & Yahoo can be achieved in hours or weeks . It’s called optimization. It can take weeks and months sometimes.
4) Don’t Use Automatic Traffic Services. Your Website must have a natural organic Traffic which is important to Search Engines & Directories. To Read more about Natural Organic Search results, click here,

6) Don’t reply to the SEO spam you get via e-mail. You do not need to submit to 1,000 search engines or 500 directories. You can’t buy 2,000 quality links for $75. And no reputable SEO can guarantee a number one ranking on any search engine for keywords that matter. The kind of SEO company you want to hire doesn’t send out spam. The crawler-based search engines will find your site more quickly as soon as you get a link from another web site already being crawled. Search engine submission died a few years ago.

Good Luck Friends!

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