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Ever Shifting trends in Search Engine Optimization World

Posted By SearchReady SEO On Sep 22, 2009 - 12:09:53 AM
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the driving force keeping web space domains alive. Every website today has the aim of monetizing their content thus adhering to the SEO guidelines is imperative. By doing this, it will keep the page ranking near the top of a search engine. However, the search engines are particular in how you optimize your website. They (search engines) want you (your website) to be visible to as many people as possible, after all that is how they make their money. Though, at the same time they use an algorithmic compulsion to extract information and shift trends.

Example: Google’s spiders or bots. These are automated programs which can take text of each site they crawl and make it available to the search engine. This is called indexing. The downfall being: these spiders or bots are only programmed to read text (html) which will limit design. Images or elements that do not carry alt text tags will not be crawled by these programs. Google has developed software to help the user see their Google visibility and web developers can adjust the site accordingly.

If you are looking through Google’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you will notice that website ease of navigation is important. It’s imperative that there is at least one static link for each page on every page. Google is very strict about all your site links, make sure that they are all working and that there are no dead links. Under no circumstances should you have an active link to an ‘Under Construction’ site page. Websites are meant for human traffic hence Google states SEO firms need to prepare a linear and hierarchical order of content; easily navigated through generic, sub niches, and etc.

In any search engine you will find that like Google, it is suggested that the readers are the most important role in the search engine and website coexistence. Content needs to be unique, in order to engage the human aspect of SEO. Pages should not be infused with excessive keywords which tends to be the biggest trend right now. Top search engines understand that keyword placement is the best method for rising up your PR or Page Rank. However, do not overdo it. Your potential readers will be frustrated and the search engines that crawl your website might penalize you.

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