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Expiring Domain Names

Posted By Seth Carter On Mar 18, 2011 - 01:03:35 AM
Why do I bring up expiring domain names you ask? Because anyone who owns a domain name should know this information, especially if you own multiple domains or happen to take care of renewing domains for your clients.

First of all if you let a domain name expire thinking you will be able to register it soon after with another registrar you are mistaken. There are several levels of expired domain name statuses.

The first status is your good old expired domain name. At this time a domain is expired and is still eligible for renewal by the owner for a time frame of around 30 days. Some registrars may let it go as far as 45 days. The price to renew is still the same as if the domain was not expired. This is the best time to renew the domain name if indeed it gets to this point and you still want to keep the domain.

The second status is the redemption period. This period lasts another 30 to 45 days. During this time you can still renew your domain but it will cost you! If you want to keep your domain you will have to fork over whatever the registrar decides on for the price. I have seen this price from 80 to 250 dollars and I am sure it can go up from there.

At this point some may say well I will just wait until it expires out of this status and the registrar lets it go back into the pool of names. But you have to be careful here because if someone else back orders the domain then right when the domain gets deleted then it becomes available and whoever has back ordered it will snatch it up. You never really know if the name is back ordered or not.

If you have a domain name that generated traffic at one point or is worth something in search engines then you may be in trouble because there are people on the prowl for these types of domains that they can use to their advantage.

So my advice is if you want to keep your domain never let it expire, and especially never let it go into the redemption period. It can cause some headaches for you.

Now that everyone is running to their registrars to see when their domain name expires I will leave it at that.

This article is just an overview of the process of expired domain names. Depending on the registrar there could be other phases of expirations. If you would like to add to this article content, comment below and let's hear your story from specific registrar's policies.

If you would like to register a domain name check the domain name availability here

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