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Developer Relations - Choosing a Developer

What to look for in a web developer

Posted By Seth Carter On Jan 21, 2009 - 03:01:44 PM
If your reading this then your probably in need of some advice on how to find or choose a web developer for your website or web application. Finding a web developer is easier than choosing one of course but finding quality developers is your first task. You can post your project on this website in order to get quotes organized into one online location if you so desire. If you already have a number of resumes and portfolios to look over then you are part way there.

Before you start to look over the candidates you should think about what your budget is for your project. Budget is a key factor in deciding who to go with. Price ranges can be anywhere from 10 dollars an hour to 150. The higher priced candidates will most likely be more proficient, they will be able to finish the job faster and when confronted with obstacles be able to solve them more efficiently. One thing you want to avoid with lower priced individuals or companies is signing a contract for a low price and then the developer gets stuck on something and can't solve it and then stops communicating with you, and your project gets delayed until you find someone else to finish the project. So try to spend as much as you can, because it is worth it in the long run. But also be careful to not get caught in a money pit.

Once you have a budget you can easily weed out those that are too expensive or those that are suspiciously too inexpensive.

Next thing to look at is skill level. Make sure they have example sites that are similar to what your looking for. Make sure you ask for references and take the time to contact website owners and ask them how their project went.

Try to get the developer to give you a break down of the costs of each requirement you may have for your project. This provides security to you that they are not trying to over charge you for items that may not really take that much time. Ask as many questions as possible about each requirement and how they may go about handling them.

Finally make sure you have a contract in place that states price, requirements, time-line, and anything else you may want to stipulate in the contract. You can never be too safe.

Note that when paying a web developer they are usually going to ask for 50% deposit on the project to get started. This is normal and should be honored if you have done your homework and found a reliable and skilled developer.

Good luck!

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